Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crazy Train is now boarding!

Whew! What a crazy crazy week! I've been monitoring state testing up at my old high school, packing to move back down to the city, then just trying to survive the rest of this deployment! So happy that it's almost over!

I feel so drained this morning, but I still managed to get up and get my butt out to run! I'm so excited to move down to our new place! We have a fitness center in the complex, I'll have a ton of room for my old dance barre (I'm planning on getting back into dance shape!) and, since we have a deck, I'll be able to do my Pilates and yoga OUTSIDE! :) so excited! Mark and I are writing up our grocery list as well so we can get our stuff as soon as I get the kitchen cleaned up how I want it, and I'll be starting the 90 day eating challenge from Blogilates! Very ready to get our lives back on track after he gets home!

I gotta run some errands, so have a beautiful day y'all!

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