Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Day, another workout, another TDY


It just SOUNDS unpleasant. I've never been a fan of Mondays. Especially not this one, where I had to wake up unbelievably early to drop hubs off at the squadron for his TDY. Hated being up early, and haaaattteeee it when he leaves. It is part of the life, however, so I'll just push on as always.

I'm about to go do Pilates. As y'all know, I'm a big fan of Pop Pilates. If you haven't heard if them before, search on YouTube. They're an amazing workout. The shorter ones are great to do throughout the day if you don't have a lot of time, but I adore the longer ones. I have a goal in mind, ands good timeframe to achieve it, so we'll see if I actually can!

Something I wanted to mention. I went for a jog the other day after work, and saw something funny; this woman was 'running', but stopped literally every few feet to fix her hair and adjust her top.

1. Always wear something you don't have to fiddle with while you're working out.

2. If you're thinking about your hair, your not focusing in your workout/form, and could more easily trip and fall. Which she almost did.
And besides..

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