Friday, September 7, 2012

It's FINALLY over! :)

Airman Leadership School is OVER!
I get my man back! WOOHOO!

I'm so proud of him I could just explode. He did absolutely amazing through everything
that we were trying to deal with, the car, his bike having issues, etc.
He stuck it out, and it paid off for him BIG TIME.

He received the Academic Achievement Award, the Distinguished Graduate award, a special, large coin (the one on the far right up top) for his service, and was coined by the commander, and Captain Meckes. I'm 
going to get the frame for his diploma tomorrow once we get the car back (finally!!).

He's going to do amazing things in his career, and I truly believe he's going to be an outstanding NCO. The last five weeks have been extremely long and rough, but they had some very bright spots.
Mark should be sewing on Ssgt end of November/December/January, somewhere in that time frame, and 
hopefully we'll receive our official orders to Ramstein so we can get stuff started. Unfortunately, we were informed that several other people received orders and were not supposed to due to the freeze on orders for the Herd, so ours may not stick, or they may just get pushed back. It's hard to be positive when you don't know what you thought you knew, but that's the military way of life, and all we can do is be positive. Even if we don't get to go this time like we were told, we WILL get there eventually. :)

To top EVERYTHING that's happened this week off, there's a slight cold front coming in today,
so it'll actually feel like Fall, even if it's just for a day or two.
Our life is finally done spinning for a while, I hope.
So with that, I'm going to go work on some crafts, and do some baking. I can think of a certain ALS graduate/Ssgt Selectee that would enjoy a homemade German Chocolate cake when he gets home. :)


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