Monday, September 3, 2012

My bucket list..Europe Edition!

So I've obviously been doing a lot of thinking lately about
what I want to do while we're overseas, 
and I decided to compose a bucket list.

  1. Visit the beaches at Normandy.
  2. Visit the Holocaust Memorial.
  3. Go to Berlin.
  4. Go to Paris.
  5. Go to Venice.
  6. Go to Prague.
  7. Go to Amsterdam.
  8. Go to Ireland. 
  9. Go to England.
  10. Visit Austria, pick edelweiss for mom.
  11. Go skiing in the Alps.
  12. Eat authentic German chocolate.
  13. Eat authentic Swiss chocolate.
  14. Take a train to France.
  15. Go to Barcelona.
  16. Go to Madrid.
  17. Swim in the Mediterranean and Atlantic in Spain.
  18. Visit the Eiffel Tower.
  19. Drive on the Autobahn.
  20. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich.
  21. Go to Rome.
  22. Go to Scotland.
  23. Go to Greece.
  24. Hike in the Alps.
  25. Visit the Black Forest and purchase a cuckoo clock.
This is just a portion that I could think of off the top of my head. I'm getting more and more excited with everything that passes. The thought of just being able to hop on a train to Paris for the weekend or just drive to Switzerland for a day or two is amazing. I'm going sometime next week after Mark gets out of ALS and he's back to work to start the process for my passports, so I'll let y'all know how it goes. There was some debate on my personal FB page about whether or not I need a 'military issue' passport, the no-fee one for traveling there on his orders, so I will let y'all know what the official word is when we go. If any of you have any questions, pleeassee keep them coming. I'm about to answer some that I had gotten since announcing our PCS.

1. Jessica I.- "How was your husband able to find out about orders on a holiday weekend?" He got an email to his personal email, informing him that he had been selected for PCS orders. He has a CAC reader that he uses at home, so he was able to log in from there and see the orders.

2. Angela W.- "How do you know that you'll actually get the orders? We've been told we're going somewhere, and never actually went, just wondering if it's cause of something we did or not." In all honesty, we don't! :) The military is unpredictable. There's always the chance that they could change their minds and send us elsewhere. However, I'm taking my chances and planning for Germany, because if I didn't start planning until we had orders in hand, I would feel very, very overwhelmed from procrastinating. My advice, DO  NOT put your life on hold for fear you may not actually get orders in hand. What's the worst that could happen? Go ahead and plan for moving. If they end up sending you somewhere else, you'll already have plans in place for movers, flights, everything!

3. Marilyn J.- "What about your dog?" We're taking him with us, of course! We have to make sure his shots are up to date, get him chipped (They're chipping him when he gets fixed in a month or so), and several other guidelines must be met regarding his crate, etc. When we start that process, I'll do a post specifically about it!

Thank you for the input, guys! Please keep it coming!


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