Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello, 2013!

What. A. Week.

I had the most wonderful Christmas. Having my husband home, being with my family, it was just perfect. I got so many wonderful gifts as well, so many things I've been wanting for a while!

Now, all of a sudden, tomorrow is the final day of 2012.


Where has this last week gone?

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family, then headed for Maryland the day after, and this has been the best trip ever!

My in-laws got me a sterling silver bracelet, and a hand painted wine glass, and hubs got a REALLY nice watch, and it's been good food and shopping pretty much since we got here. Let me tell you guys, if you live around DC, Leesburg outlet malls have fantastic after Christmas sales. I got some really cute tops, and even more workout attire for some amazing prices. I'll post pictures of what I got tomorrow before the NYE festivities start.

What was your favorite thing you got this year? And what are your resolutions for 2013?


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