Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A new Start

I'm finally not sick.
After two straight weeks of feverish chills and aches and just plain feeling cruddy,
I woke up this morning with no stuffy nose, no sore throat, nothing!
I barely worked out while I was sick, I was active but I didn't push myself.
No more.
I woke up this morning, had a glass of water, made myself a quick meal-replacement shake,
put my shoes on, and then I remembered.
Our copy of Insanity is messed up.
So I decided to do 30 Day Shred twice to make up for it.
Um. I'd forgotten that it's actually a pretty intense workout, especially when you've done
nothing really for two weeks.
I'm hooked again. It sucks that we haven't been able to finish Insanity, but until we get another copy,
I think I'm going to stick to 30 Day Shred, cause it worked great for me last time.
I think I'm going to include more cardio, though.
Which is why I'm so excited to say I got my bike all fixed up! Just need to air up the back tire and fi the brake line that popped out the front part, and I'm golden!
I'm also starting to do some of +Blogilates  workouts again. They're an awesome kind of
pick-me-up workout when I don't have a ton of time but need to do SOMETHING.
So when I was going through and making a list of my favorite workouts so I can bookmark them,
I re-discovered her 90 day Challenge.
It's a really intense meal plan and workout schedule. The meal plan is
EXTREMELY strict, but I think that's just what I need. So whenever we go grocery shopping, I'm getting the things I need and I'm going to start it! If you've never heard of the 90 Day Challenge, head over to and check it out.
I will be starting it Feb. 15th.
And depending on the results, I may extend it out past 90 days, because I need some big results, because..
We are going on a cruise!
I'm so excited! Mark's aunt and cousin are celebrating their birthdays in November with a cruise,
and since he hasn't seen them in ages, we decided to go! I'm very excited, as this will be my first
time leaving the country, and I'm dying to go to the Caribbean. My plan is as follows:
to spend the entire week in a bikini, with a fruity-drink filled cocounut with crazy straws and umbrellas in my hand, not doing ANYTHING but relaxing and enjoying time with Mark and the family.
I'm determined to be swimsuit-ready by summer, and then anything after that is just the cherry on top.
I'm also going to be investing in a new pair of running shoes soon. What are your favorites? I'm a big Nike fan, but if there's a better shoe out there, I want to know!
Email me or comment with your suggestions and questions!

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